Express Building

Express buildings are adaptable to most agricultural, commercial, institutional and some residential applications. We know that when you need a building, you need it quickly and economically—but without any sacrifice in quality. The best route to project completion? Express Buildings. When it comes to speed, no one beats Southwest Building Solutions Express buildings. After all, we know the quicker your project is completed, the sooner occupancy occurs—and the lower your production costs will be! But speed isn’t everything. Rest assured: we’ll fabricate your building with the utmost care, using quality materials and expert labor. Our engineers design every building to comply with area code requirements. And all of our manufacturing plants utilize the industry’s most advance equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible System: Using combinations of optional building widths, lengths and eave heights along with a wide range of accessories, unique and functional building layouts can be accomplished. Adding features such as masonry to the building will create that distinctive look.
  • Fast Track System: The quickest route to project completion is the Express Building. Owners get their buildings faster, and the completion and occupancy occurs sooner. A satisfied owner is the result of the speed and quality produced by this Fast Track System.
  • Value System: Meeting the demands of price and timely production while maintaining a high quality product builds high value. With accessories such as slimline windows, more value is added to the facility. Value, an ideal solution for your next building project.

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